The SouthSide in the spotlight

Posted by Mission del Lago on Nov 18, 2015 11:55:27 AM

San Antonio is a growing, in-demand city among homebuyers, jobseekers, and businesses, and with all the excitement, the spotlight is on the Southside like never before. 

“South San Antonio has grown more vibrant in recent years in the way of economic development, thanks to the Toyota plant, the transitioning of two air force bases into industrial/business parks, Texas A&M San Antonio, among several other public and private successes,” said the Bexar Witness

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Southside Community Mission Del Lago A Favorite of Veterans Everyday

Posted by Mission del Lago on Nov 10, 2015 3:05:48 PM

Known as “Military City USA,” San Antonio is one of the most military-friendly cities in the nation. And homebuyers in the city are drawn to Southside community Mission del Lago, where veterans are welcomed home and celebrated on Veteran’s Day and throughout the year.

San Antonio, and especially the SouthSide, is the easy choice for military looking to buy a new home. A study by USAA and Hiring Our Heroes called San Antonio “the best in the nation for military retirees, beating out Washington, D.C., Virginia and San Diego, California,” said the San Antonio Express-News. “The study looked at such things as the proximity of installations to veterans, the presence of VA hospitals and health resources, government and civilian jobs, opportunities to leverage post-9/11 education benefits and military pension taxation. With Joint Base San Antonio, and ample opportunities for work, the results weren't surprising.”

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Southside's Brooks City Base gets $54.9 million for improvements

Posted by Mission del Lago on Sep 25, 2015 2:17:29 PM

Southside San Antonio's Brooks City Base just got an influx of cash in the name of $54.9 milion in bonds to make considerable improvements to the mixed-use community and former United States Air Force Base.

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Bud Light, The Taste brings new flavors to San Antonio

Posted by Mission del Lago on Sep 8, 2015 12:49:29 PM

San Antonio hosts an abundance of fun and exciting events throughout the year, but the one starting today in Downtown might be a little more tasty. Bud Light, The Taste is an event that showcases tastings from several restaurants on Houston Street and the River Walk in an effort to acquaint visitors with the area’s vast dining options.

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