The YMCA is coming to South San Antonio

Posted by Mission del Lago on May 14, 2015 3:03:29 PM

More proof that the South Side is hot: the YMCA is coming to South San Antonio. A new 15,000-square-foot facility will be located near the Mission Marquee Plaza and the Mission Library branch and will include a community room/wellness kitchen, a multi-generation center, a wellness center, two fitness studios and locker rooms. Construction of the new YMCA is expected to be finished by December 2016, according to the Bexar Witness

“South San Antonio has grown more vibrant in recent years in the way of economic development, thanks to the Toyota Tundra plant, the transitioning of two air force bases into industrial/business parks, Texas A&M San Antonio, among several other public and private successes,” they said. “Now, the San Antonio Public Library and YMCA of Greater San Antonio look to follow suit on the South Side.”

The Greater Mission Recreational YMCA is “a partnership between the City of San Antonio and the YMCA,” and is a “voter-approved bond project” from 2012.

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Eagle Ford Shale Creating a Modern Day Oil Boom

Posted by missiond on Dec 10, 2014 4:39:37 AM

The explosive production at Eagle Ford Shale has “one of the biggest oil booms ever to hit Texas — and possibly the USA…that could make Texas one of the leading oil producers on the planet,” said USA Today. That boom has poured money into the San Antonio community, creating an incredible local employment base and shining a light on incredible opportunities for living a great life on the SouthSide of San Antonio.

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