The First Timer's Guide to Fiesta

Posted by Mission del Lago on Apr 16, 2015 2:05:12 PM

San Antonio’s biggest party, Fiesta, starts today, and if you’ve never been, you’re in for a treat. A whole bunch of them, actually. Fiesta is a literal feast for the senses, with some of the best eats, sight, and sounds of the year in one festive place. Started in 1891 as a one-parade event, today’s Fiesta is considered one of the country’s premier festivals.

Here are a few highlights you won’t want to miss over the next 11 days, plus a few tips courtesy of Visit San Antonio that will help ensure your Fiesta is fantastic. 

Getting Tickets

You can buy tickets when you get to Fiesta, or head to a Fiesta Store or HEB to make sure you don’t waste any of your Fiesta time waiting in line.

Dressing for the occasion

“Fiesta is vibrant and vivid—and so is the clothing! So, grab the most colorful items in your closet and your sash for your medal collection,” said Visit San Antonio. “And, if you really want to wow the Fiesta crowd, the more extravagant your hat, the better.” They also recommend comfortable shoes for walking and dancing.

Fiesta Medals

Expect to see these colorful medals pinned to almost everyone and everything. Don't be surprised if you turn into a collector; the official Fiesta store is a good place to start.


Parking may be hard to come by downtown, so leave early, be patient and, as Visit San Antonio recommends, take a cab.

Leave the cards, take the cash

Fiesta is a cash-only event, so make sure you hit the bank before you arrive. You’ll need actual money to buy admission tickets, food, and drinks.

Behold the cascarone

“It’s the only time of year we can get away with cracking confetti-filled eggs over someone’s head,” said San Antonio Magazine. “The tradition, said to bring luck and good fortune, is just one of our favorite parts of Fiesta.” 

Unique things you can expect to see:

  • The Queen and her court—Fiesta is all about royalty!
  • El Rey Feo, the Ugly King—another unique take on being royal
  • The Charro Queen, who rules the rodeo
  • The Queen of Soul, who represents the African-American community for an entire year, starting with Fiesta
  • Cornyation, a spoof on the royalty aspect of Fiesta that San Antonio magazine says us “adult only”
  • The Fiesta Pooch Parade
  • The (possibly not appropriate for kids) Fiesta Frenzy

See a complete list of Fiesta events here. And for information on the hottest community in San Antonio, visit Mission del Lago or click below to download our free Guide to Buying a New Home in Southside San Antonio. 


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