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Posted by Mission del Lago on Feb 10, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Find Affordable Homes Near the San Antonio River You'll Love

A starter home marks the beginning of a new era in many people’s lives and be can both exciting and scary for new homeowners. This purchase not only has financial implications but also has the potential to change your lifestyle (for better and for worse!) Before you start looking for affordable homes near the San Antonio river, learn more about the characteristics of a great starter home.



Low Maintenance

One of the biggest differences between renting and owning a home is the maintenance that you are now responsible for. From mowing the lawn, to trash pickup, these costs can start creeping up on new homeowners fast! Be prepared for these expenses and consider looking for a starter home with a common land space or a smaller yard. While a pool may seem like an attractive option, they often come with high maintenance costs that new homeowners don’t anticipate. These costs can quickly add up to your affordable home in the San Antonio River and leave you cash strapped.

Fits Your Lifestyle

If you’re an urbanite moving to the suburbs can be quite a shock. Ease the transition by purchasing a home that won’t change your lifestyle too drastically. Moving from the suburbs to a bustling city life can also be a big transition with the added cars and noise. Even if you need to move to a new city, try to maintain the same lifestyle that you are accustomed to, to ease yourself into home ownership.

In Your Price Range

Unlike more established homeowners who have equity and savings under their belt, a starter home is usually purchased without these legs up. This means that a lower price tag will be a must for affordability and getting new homeowners into the housing market. Try not to extend your starter home budget to the maximum of what you can afford (as tempting as it may be!). Additional costs can add up quick and leave you house-poor.

Maintenance and Upgrade Costs

The costs of owning a home go beyond your mortgage payment. Consider the costs of utilities, routine maintenance, and things that will inevitably break (like that old garage door opener!). If you’ve got your eyes on a fixer-upper, consider that what you can see on the exterior may just be the start of everything that is going on inside the walls of the house. If you aren’t especially handy, this can turn into a huge problem and end up costing you thousands in the long run.

Ideal location

The location of your new home is extremely important. By buying a house, you are establishing roots in a city and in a neighborhood. Affordable homes near the San Antonio River offer first time home buyers the opportunity to be near the amazing San Antonio river while also offering affordability.

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