Community Beautification Underway This Week

Posted by missiond on Sep 16, 2014 11:49:04 AM

Proposed New Community Entry at Del Lago Parkway Proposed New Community Entry at Del Lago Parkway

A significant community beautification effort will kick off this week at Mission del Lago, focused on improving the presentation of the community and its primary roadways. The effort will include:

Repairing, pressure washing and staining fences facing Del Lago Parkway and Clubhouse.
Replanting along Del Lago Parkway and Clubhouse
Replacing entry feature at Del Lago Parkway entrance

The first step of this effort, repairing and improving fences, is slated to kick off September 17th. Following is the letter from the HOA:

Dear Mission del Lago Resident:

We wanted to advise you on behalf of Mission del Lago’s developer, SouthStar, that they have finalized plans for the fence repair and staining along Del Lago Parkway and along Clubhouse. Weather permitting, the work is scheduled to commence Wednesday, September 17 and is expected to take one to two weeks. The contractor will begin with pressure washing all fencing, followed by any necessary repairs and then new staining will be applied to make the fencing look as uniform as possible.

Since your home is going to be effected by this beautification project we are requesting that you help us by taking the following steps: cut back all vegetation from and remove any items attached to or mounted on your rear fence adjacent to Del Lago Parkway. Securing your pets during the repair process would be appreciated as well.

Please note that the Developer, Declarant, Association, Management Company, nor Vendor will be responsible for any damage to vegetation or decorative items, or lost pets during this repair process. Thank you for your understanding and patience while we help beautify our community. If you have any questions do not hesitate to call us at 866-473-2573.


Mission del Lago Homeowners Association
Board of Directors

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