When is the Time Right for Buying a Home?

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Buying A Home

Is the Time Right for Buying a Home?

Each year kicks off with the creation of resolutions and the setting of goals for the next 12 months. Is buying a home on your list? This could be the right time for you to sell your home and start fresh in a new one. Residential real estate expert Brendon Desimone lays out the process he recommends for successful home buying in a new Zillow article.

Dream big and learn as much as you can about what you want. This is the fun phase of buying a home that gives you the opportunity to decide what upgrades you want that might not be in your current property. Take time to look at homes online and drive through potential neighborhoods. Desimone recommends casting a wide net while exploring and thinking about what you desire in your next property. You don’t need a real estate agent or mortgage broker at this point, he says, you can compare prices and develop an understanding of what you want and need without feeling pressured. Spend all the time you need in this investigational phase without making any serious decisions.

When you feel ready to get off the sidelines and take action, it’s time to move from dream to reality. “Search and discovery” is the phase when you identify the people you want on your side, get real information and move forward. Desimone suggests hiring a real estate agent first. This person is an essential part of your team who can find specific properties that fit your needs. Even if you have been through this before, it’s a good idea to hire a real estate agent. They can help you understand the value of your current home and it’s marketability. Your real estate agent can also be helpful in obtaining the right mortgage professional for you.

The mortgage professional’s role is to explain different types of loans available and to help you make a good decision. They will review your finances, including the equity you have in your current home, and find a lender that’s a good match.

Tip: Don’t wait on an open house to view a property, make an appointment and see it as soon as possible.

After you have done all your research, spent time with professionals and are ready to make a final decision, make an offer and get ready to move into your new home.

These key steps will help streamline your home buying process. Take the next step today and request information about the many properties options available at Mission del Lago.

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